Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bye John!

John left for the long trek to Alberta on Monday. Here are some pics of saying goodbye and such.

He made it to Stirling on Thursday night and only almost got in one accident. I'm glad he made it there safely...and that all our stuff is still intact. It's almost been a week since he's been gone, and I miss him so much already. Hadley misses him too. She keeps saying "Where's Dad?", or "I wanna go shopping with Daddy"(said in a whiny voice.) Only 17 more days until he comes back. Just in time for my birthday!

This week I started feeding the boys rice cereal. They seem to like it and I think it has helped them sleep through the night. That, and the Baby Whisperer. I was having to "super bounce" Brian to go to sleep, and frankly was getting sick of it, so I decided that I needed to implement the teachings of the Baby Whisperer. No more bouncing, rocking, etc. And he hardly cries anymore when he goes to sleep. So....I think that's all the excitement pretty much. Here's more pictures.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Homeward Bound

So, John is going back to Alberta in about 10 days. His job here
ended, so instead of him getting a job here for a month, we're packing
up and he'll drive our stuff back and I'll live with my parents with
the kids. We're having a Freeze family reunion in Palmyra area from
June 14-21, so John is flying back for that and then we'll both fly
home on the 23rd. We would have just had him skip out of the reunion,
but I'm not even allowed (nor would I want) to fly home alone with the
kids. I was going to fly with my parents at the beginning of July, but
there was a deal for flights before the 25th of June, so it's actually
cheaper for John to fly here and us to fly home than for just me to
fly home in July with the kids. We're excited to go back to Alberta to
be able to see everyone. FUn, fun. My parents bought a house in
Raymond, so we'll live there for the summer and then off to Utah for
the fall. We just have to find somewhere to live there in Provo!

So now we have the dreaded job of packing/dejunking/cleaning etc. We
only have one week to pack, so I'm feeling a little stressed. I
thought we'd actually have time to take it easy with this move, but I
guess things changed. Oh well, at least there are people that can
help. Well, I should get packing!

Oh yeah, John got a half tuition scholarship. He's so smart! If he
keeps a 3.71 GPA, he'll get that scholarship every year. We're super
excited. I love it when people give us money.