Thursday, April 25, 2013


I have not been very regular with this blogging business, but I'm going to pretend that I am and just blog about today.

Today felt like a good day. It was nice outside, so the kids were outside a lot. I feel better when they are outside. Scout only escaped once, and came back home just as I was getting in the van to find him. I had Parent Preschool today and then my visiting teachers came for a bit. The kids played outside all afternoon until Hadley had ballet. After ballet, they played out there until supper and then after supper until bedtime.

 I'm loving this weather! I spent a bit of the afternoon working on our yard which has had a few years of neglect. The lawn is super bumpy and weed filled, but we're hoping to get it looking a little better this summer. Today I just worked on this little gravel section between our carport and the fence. Every year it gets covered with humongous weeds, so we're going to clear it all out and get rid of weeds somehow.....weed killer I guess?? Anyway, today I just cleared out a bunch of wood and dried up weeds. It's looking better, but there's still a lot of work!

Lovely, eh? Ha. Hopefully that will be the "before" shot to something beautiful.

Here's the rest of our yard.

We want to cut down the big pine tree because it is growing around the power lines and then John wants to build a treehouse on the stump. We got another trampoline from my parents that we might set up, and a table and benches for the firepit. There may not be much room left in the yard after that........