Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hadley is 6!

Another birthday post. I need to get these in before Christmas hits!

Hadley turned 6 a couple weeks ago.On he birthday we went shopping with the money from Grandma Freeze and Great-Grandma Ellingson. Hadley had fun picking out clothes and shoes and then we went to the food court to eat. Hadley's choice was Chinese food.

After hearing about a "Hadley" Barbie (that she got for her birthday) and playing on the Barbie website, Hadley decided she wanted to have a Barbie party. Other than the invitation having the Barbie logo on it, the party was not much different than any girl birthday party.

We started off colouring Barbie colouring pages - I think they would have been happy doing this for the whole 2 hours, then we did a little dress-up relay race. Next up was making bracelets with my vast bead collection from the days of "Cute Like Me." While I finished up the bracelets, my Mom helped the girls play a little game with nail polish. Next was cake, then presents, then home time. Fun.

- informed me that she doesn't really like toys, so she just wants clothes for Christmas
- doesn't like Barbies, but does like the ones named Hadley
- likes to be in control and gets upset when things don't go how she wants.
- does not like getting her hair brushed.
- loves to make "crafts" - that she thinks up and makes
- doesn't like to clean up messes from her creations
- loves to colour and paint
- loves to read and does it well.
- loves to sing and perform on stage. She is going to be Gretyl in the upcoming town play of  "The Sound of Music"
- is very cautious - she takes her time learning new things. John talked her into riding a two-wheeler this summer and she can do it, but is scared - especially after taking a nasty fall.
- is very social and loves talking to people
- enjoys being involved and in the center of what's going on.
- gets excited about the simplest things - like learning something new at school and telling me about it.
- is in skating and can now skate on her own and get up on her own.
- is kind and good at solving problems that arise with having siblings.
- loves wearing make-up - but I only let her when she needs it on stage.
- tries to be nice and help others be happy.

Happy Birthday Hadley! I love you!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Brian and Elijah are 4!

Wow. I can't believe Brian and Elijah are 4 now. They are so fun and have so much fun playing with each other every day. So much so, that I hardly see them it seems - they just go downstairs and play play play.

They had their birthday just 5 days after Sam. Show Choir choreography was in full swing, and John had to work all day, so we had a little "party" during the High School football game break. We had hot dogs and chips (by request) and I attempted to make them a cake to their specifications. They wanted a white cake with strawberries on it. Luckily they were thrilled with their little party and had a great day. It might have helped that they had Uncle Michael to play with that morning.

- loves Spiderman - he'll dress up as him almost daily.
- still loves Diego
- is super sweet and loves to share.
- loves dark blue and has to use the dark blue ikea plastic dishes if they are clean.
- dresses himself everyday. His favourite outfit is his "motorcycle pants" (dark blue jeans with a motorcycle on the pocket - they have humoungous holes in the knees now but I don't have the heart to chuck them quite yet) and spiderman shirt
- also prefers to wear his cream colored wind-breaker "white jacket". I'll let him if it's not too cold.
- has a favourite pair of shoes too - black pumas that I got from a friend. I guess he's quite particular about his attire!
- loves macaroni and frequently asks for it for breakfast - I make him wait till lunch
- loves hockey and can now skate well enough to hit a puck with his stick.
- loves motorcycles and asked for one for Christmas - "a real one that kids can ride"
- likes coloring and cutting anything with scissors.
- has an infectious laugh and likes to make people laugh
- has a special stuffed cat and blankie

- loves cars - anything to do with cars.  He loves the Cars movies and anything to do with them too.
- loves playing car racing games on the xbox and usually beats me.
- often will let Brian win a race on the xbox without telling him. 
- loves the color yellow and uses the yellow ikea dishes to eat as often as possible.
- learned how to ride a two-wheeler this summer and loves it.
- loves chips and could easily eat a whole bag on his own.
- loves his blankie
- has a loud cry and a tender heart
- loves babies - especially Sam
- loves Ironman and Spiderman - but because Spiderman is more of Brian's domain, Elijah has claimed Ironman as his "thing"
- loves hockey and was excited to skate on his own.
- asked Santa for a yellow Ferrari race car for Christmas
- can recognize most makes of cars - at least most of the "cool" ones.

I love these boys so much and am so happy that I was blessed with twins. Now that they sleep through the night and are potty-trained, I would say twins are easier than a single because they just entertain themselves - there are probably more fights to break up though......

Happy 4th Birthday to you boys!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Sam is 1!

It's been birthday central over here. All of our kids were born in November and December. Kind of crazy.

I'll start with Sam's cause he was first at the beginning of November. We let him open his present the day before his birthday cause we were at John's parents house and weren't sure what kind of "party" Sam would be getting on his birthday because of Show Choir choreo. He loved his little train. One-year-old's are sure easy to please.

On his birthday, I must have gotten a wave of ambition (or guilt from being busy with Show Choir), so I found a printable banner and cupcake toppers and had some fun. No one was coming for the celebration, but it was still fun to make it special for Sam - even though he has no clue what a birthday is.

My parents did come over before bedtime to give Sam his present.

Here's a little Sam update:
- he is such a goof. He loves to laugh and has a super fun personality.
- he now walks - he took a few steps here and there when he was 12 months, but now at 13 months he is walking about 50% of the time.
- he is still nursing just for bedtime and naptime .....and whenever he wakes up at night. I tried weaning around Show Choir performance time, he was doing well, but then revolted. We'll try again sometime.....maybe after Christmas......
- he "says" - "hi Dad", "bye", "mom mom", "dad da", and signs "more" - he might be saying more things, but I'm always slow to agree that what he's saying are actual words. I'm a skeptic I guess.
- he does not like to sit still at church - or anywhere really. Sacrament meeting is in the challenging - how can we distract Sam for one hour - stage.
- Sam loves sweets. He can down a pack of fruit snacks in about 30 seconds. He must be my son.
- he can go down and up stairs with no problems. Yeah!
- he loves animals and likes to give Oma's dog kisses. Cute, but kind of gross.
- he loves to be outside and cries whenever he sees someone leave without him.
- he loves playing with cars and pushes them around making a noise.
- he has 7 teeth. 4 on top and 3 on the bottom. Not sure where the 4th bottom one is.....
- he loves his Dad and loves to greet him when he comes home from work.
- he has one 1-2 hour nap in the middle of the day and goes to bed between 7 and 8.
- he is very easy going and happy most of the time - unless he's tired, poopy, or hungry.

I sure love Sam and have been way more relaxed with child #4. I think the more kids you have, the more rules and expectations you throw out the window.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Sam! (over a month ago).

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas/New Year's Card

I just made our yearly "card". I made it a New Year's card in case I don't get them sent out in time for Christmas. I love it and Shutterfly had LOTS of different templates to choose from. I love it.

Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas printable

I've been trying to use/print/create things that I've found on pinterest. That way I don't feel like I'm wasting my time as much.

I found this the other day and tried to go to the link, but it was to a blog that was private. Bummer.

So, I decided to make my own.

And then I even printed it off and framed it. I love it.

If you love it too, click here to download your own to print

Merry Christmas!