Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Madness.

Well, we live in Edmonton now. You'd think moving would get old or something.....well, it does. Yup. We have most things organized (not really, but the livingroom and kitchen are at least!) I really should be organizing our bedroom, it's pretty crazy, but we don't have curtains up yet and I don't want the whole world looking in as I put our room together. It kind of creeps me out. Anyway. Enough about moving.

I decided to make Hadley a dress for Easter over a month ago. I started making it right away but decided there was no rush. Then we had to go to Saskatoon for a week. By the time we got back I had one week to finish the dress. And I had to practice songs for Easter Sunday (I play the organ and for choir). On Thursday (just before Easter) we found out that we were going to be moving on Tuesday! Craziness! So, I was a little stressed. I stayed up most nights until 1am-ish making Hadley's dress and practicing and packing when I had time. Loads of fun. I did finish her dress in time and if I actually knew what I was doing I would have finished it a lot sooner.

Here's the dress.

Sorry for ranting.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Moving again.

Here's an update:

This summer John is planning on working for Pinnacle still. I'm going to be the office manager (do paperwork and set up installs). We are going to be doing that in Edmonton. We were planning on moving on the 25th because they weren't going to start working up there until the 1st of May, but there's been a change. We are starting on the 16th.....yes in 5 days! Yikes.

We will be moving on Tuesday!

So.....I better get packing!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Family Nester

Check out this site my brother and his wife started. There will be information for families (couponing, gardening, and life).

Also, my sisters have a couponing site

And, my sister has a website for race and training info in Pittsburgh.

My family's so cool.