Tuesday, February 21, 2012

apple fritters fail

On Sunday we had dinner at home - normally we go to either my parent's or John's paren't's for supper. I wanted to make a little treat after supper, so I went to my pinterest recipe board and picked this one. It looked simple and yummy and deep fried....... They look yummy right? Apple Fritters in 15 min? Yes please.

Well I made them. I doubled the recipe and it was really thick so I added a little more milk. I don't know what went wrong. The first batch didn't look too bad, but then I decided to make some a little bigger and they weren't cooked. I mixed up some milk with icing sugar and the icing sugar didn't dissolve, so the nice sugar glaze looked like curdled milk. Super disgusting. Luckily John came to help and saved them before I just threw everything away.

Yup. Pretty nasty. They didn't taste so bad - and all the kids at least tried some....except Elijah. He said he hated them. I hated them too! I had a messy kitchen and only a bunch of super nasty-looking balls of deep-fried dough to show for it! Lame.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine

I know I haven't posted in forever - let's just skip over Christmas....and the rest of December and January, shall we (for now at least)?

Today, I want to share 14 reasons why I love my Valentine. I'll try not to sound too cheesy.:

1. He loves our kids - and would do ANYTHING to make them laugh, like letting Brian shoot him with silly string - or going down a cold waterslide on a windy day. He seriously is the funnest Dad around.

2. He is kind. He never raises his voice and treats everyone with respect.
3. He is a hard worker. He works full-time, has 2 part-time jobs, and still makes time to be in the town play.
4. He is humble and willing to serve others.
5. He is probably the smartest person I know. He can figure anything out and is a whiz at math.

6. He is handy - (because of #5 - he can fix almost anything - or can at least figure out what's wrong).
7. He loves to cook - I LOVE this about him, cause I'm not a huge fan of making food. John will cook supper whenever he is home. LOVE.

8. He is dedicated to doing what's right.
9. He is funny. He loves making anyone laugh and still makes me laugh daily after 7 years of marriage.
10. He is cute. I find him pretty attractive......

11. He loves me and supports me in my goals.
12. He is sincere and honest.

13. He can talk to anyone about anything and loves making people laugh (especially old ladies)
14. He is my husband and takes that role seriously - he is committed to making our relationship not only work, but enjoyable. We can discuss our differences and work through them. Things aren't perfect, but they are pretty darn good.

I sure love John - (and I think we need some more pictures of us together!)