Friday, March 1, 2013

Hadley's room part 1

I'm still working on Hadley's room (at a very slow pace), but I thought I'd start sharing what I've done so far.

Here is her room a few months ago (the "before" pics). We are renting and this is what the house came with. Lovely.

I found this room on pinterest and decided with Hadley that we were going to do her room pretty much the same. I'm good at copying.

I patched up holes and painted the ceiling, then painted 3 walls a very pale blue. It almost looks white. I like it, but would have been happy with it being a little more blue. I painted the accent wall white.

We decided to do a chevron striped wall instead of the grid one on our inspiration blog, and it took me about 27 hours to figure out how to do it. I was using all my trigonometry skills and finally figured out that it was very simple. Each up and down of the stripe forms an imaginary equilateral triangle because I wanted the angle of the stripes to be 90 degrees. Anyway, I drew it out to scale and decided to have the base of my "triangle to be 20 inches and the height to be 10 inches  I don't know if that makes sense, but here is the picture I drew. I wanted the stripes to be big, but not too big and I wanted an odd number. This worked out good enough and I liked the easy numbers.

I drew a grid of 10" x 10" squares on the wall using a large level and a pencil. A chalk line thing would be easier, but I was worried about washing the lines off after, so I stuck with a pencil (which ended up being hard to get off too)

Then I taped the diagonal lines, making sure that the thickness of the tape was in the white stripe section. I put pieces of tape on the white line, so that I wouldn't accidentally paint it.

Then, time to paint!

Then time to take off the tape!

After getting the edges all painted too, and fixing a couple spots, I attempted to wash off the pencil. It wouldn't come off with soap and water, so I used Mr. Clean magic erasers. It worked but left streaks because it took off some of the shine. You can't really tell unless the light hits it right, so it doesn't bug me too much.

I am so please with how this wall turned out! It took a long time to do, but it looks just how I wanted and was relatively simple to do.

Stay tuned for more of Hadley's room!