Saturday, October 16, 2010

Starting again

I'm back! Not much of an excuse for my absence....just no internet for 2 months and then moving. We live in Raymond now. We are renting a little house in hopes to save some money so we can eventually buy or build a house. It's in a great location and it is working for us so far. The house is for sale though, so moving is inevitable at some point.

Anyway. After reading this post on a blog I read somewhat regularly, I decided that I can start scrapbooking again. The term scrapbooking is used very loosely. I started scrapbooking after Hadley was born, but only did like 5 pages. It was very time consuming and costly. After the boys were born, I decided to switch to digital scrapbooking and was going to do a page/month for each child. I found some 8.5 x 11 landscape oriented scrapbooks, so that I could use our laser printer to print off the pages. I did about 2 months for each kid....and then quit.

Well, I started up again, and am doing it much like Sarah from Cloverlane. I've done 9 pages this week. I'm getting faster though. I don't have to try every single font now before I make a decision....awesome.

Here are a few that I've done. I'm starting with Hadley, so she's the only one that has any done so far. I will print them off on our printer (once our black toner comes in the mail)