Saturday, October 4, 2008

Silly things people say

So my sister Jodie commented on her blog about comments people make to her while shopping with her 3 kids, so I thought I'd follow suit.

With twins we get a lot of comments, but mostly stares. The other day at Costco we got a lot of funny comments. Well, I just remember 2 actually.

1. A lady (probably in her 50's) said that she had twins too, and we chatted for a bit then when she was leaving said "You're not going to stay that skinny forever!". I thought that was a weird thing to say. Nothing like moral support!

2. The boys were wearing dark green matching outfits. A lady said "Are they both boys?" I thought about saying, "no, I just like them to dress the same", but maybe that's actually what she was thinking.

Ok, so maybe those comments aren't that silly. What I like the most about people commenting on the twins is when they say something like "oh they're so cute!", and Hadley says "look at me! I'm cute too!".

That's all.


Jodie said...

I wonder what that lady meant. "You're not going to be that skinny forever". Here are my thoughts:

1. Having twins forces you to gain millions of pounds later in life. Seriously, who can stay skinny when twins are in the house?
2. You are bound to have twins again, in which case you will not be skinny while pregnant with said twins.
3. This lady was once skinny, had twins and got fat. Logically, the same thing will happen to you. It's so nice of her to let you know ahead of time that this WILL happen. You can plan now for this. Start looking in those plus size clearance racks. You can never be too prepared.

Laura said...

You should plan on homeschooling too...then you will maximize silly comments for years to come. Actually...most people just STARE at us. They are too chicken to say anything, because homeschoolers are notorious for their ferocity.
I would take the skinny comment as a compliment...she obviously noticed you were very svelte, and was jealous and wanted to "level the field" a little to make herself feel better.

Melanie said...

Hadley is cute.

Bronwyn said...

not only is Hadley cute, but all of my grandkids are cute- I would expect all shoppers in the same vicinity as any of my grandchildren to notice how cute they are

DeAnna said...

The things people say! I think everyone has their own automatic assumption as to how a baby boy looks and how a baby girl looks, my littl girl still gets called a boy, even when she is wearing something obviously girly. Some days I just want to lit into people for their comments, but most days I choose to not say anything, which I think is the safer PS Your kids are adorable.