Friday, February 13, 2009

Macaroni Taste Test

I have always been interested in food. I love eating it, and like getting the best for my buck. Sometimes I'm too chicken to try the cheaper brands, so I just never have. I've always wondered though if they're just as good, or maybe even better than the "brand name" foods. A while ago we needed some more Kraft Dinner (mac & cheese for you americans), I decided to try out a few varieties of the store brand counterpart at Superstore. Here's the rundown in order of preference. (This was a while ago, so it's based a lot on it may not be completely accurate...also, I didn't use exact amounts of milk/butter, so it's not completely scientific...but you'll get the idea)

1. Kraft Dinner
Price: I think it was around $1.10
Taste: Superb. I don't add as much milk as it asks for because it's always too "soupy" when I do.

2. PC Deluxe Cheddar
Price: Around $0.90-ish I think
Taste: Good. Not as good as Kraft Dinner, but good enough to enjoy eating it.

I might buy this kind again if it is on sale.

3. PC Mini Chefs cha-cha-cheesy mac & cheese
Price: I think it was around $0.90....I really should have documented this!
Taste: Pretty good, the kids liked it.

I wouldn't buy this kind again

4. No Name Macaroni & Cheese (from Superstore)
I couldn't find a picture...sorry...
Price: I think it was $0.69
Taste: Super gross. I was surprised how gross it was .It tasted like cardboard...gross! I couldn't even finish it...the kids still ate most of their portion though.

I was really hoping that this one would taste good just cause it's so cheap, but alas.....

Conclusion: In this test, price and brand definitely was the determiner of what was the best. Too bad. I think I'll just stick with Kraft Dinner, but buy a box of it from Costco to save money.


Bronwyn said...

My long experience puts Kraft dinner as number one. Nothing else is close. Dad

Melanie said...

I think trying to guess the mac and cheese brand blindfolded would be a hilariously fun FHE activity.

Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

Note to self - don't buy cheap ketchup! We tried that once and won't do it again. So, I guess we're a little "high maintenance" because we like expensive kraft dinner and expensive Heinz ketchup!

D. said...

That is not surprising, some things you just can't buy down without the taste going down.