Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cute Nativity for Kids

I found this linked on a blog yesterday and because we don't have a nativity, I figured we could whip it up. Hadley had fun colouring it for the first little while, but it took FOREVER to colour everything. She coloured baby Jesus (notice the brown face). I tried hard to just let her colour it how she wanted......after all, it's for the kids, right?

The instructions call for 13 toilet paper rolls, but I tend to throw those I didn't have 13 just lying around, so I just printed it out on cardstock and then cut it out and stapled it together instead of using glue. I did use a paper towel roll for the nativity though, because it doesn't work really without something to staple it to.

Anyway, here it is. We may have to make it again next year.....the angel is already missing a wing.....why do kids like to rip paper so much? Or is it just my kids? They rip everything! Books....especially with the lift-a-flaps....and most recently, my piano music that I'm supposed to play in church tomorrow......oh well...luckily someone invented tape.


Abbie said...

Megan! Thanks for commenting! Never feel creepy. I always comment on blogs I run across.

Love your nativity. And your cute kids! My goodness little twins and a cute 3 year old. Precious family. And my Eli is Elijah. I love twins (both my brother & his wire and sister have twins).

Abbie said...

wife not wire:)