Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cool Cars

Elijah loves cars. We've been giving the boys hot wheel cars when they fill up a potty chart page. Elijah loved getting cars, but there were a lot of tears when he couldn't get one right away. Brian is pretty much trained now though, and Elijah is very close. Anyway, we got them "real" hot wheels cars. Some are models of real cars and we love teaching the boys the names of cars because we think it's fun hearing them identify them as Ferrari's or Corvette's and the like. John was quizzing Elijah today and I took a video. We video-ed Hadley and Brian too, and I was surprised at how much better Elijah knew the names. I don't get it. What is it about boys and cars?? Here's the video of Elijah:

In other news.....I'm overdue. I hope this guy comes soon.

Oh, and Halloween was fun. I put pictures on facebook. Hadley was a "ladybug fairy or ladybug fairy godmother", Brian was Diego (I found a Diego vest at the Salvation Army for 50 cents and he fell in love), and Elijah was a skeleton.

I think that's all for now....hopefully we'll have a new addition in the next day or so!

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Melanie said...

seriously cute and amazing at the same time-I really enjoyed watching that clip.