Tuesday, November 8, 2011

ten on tuesday

1. Oh my heck! Life has been a little crazy around here. Show Choir practice is in full force with choreo every day. I taught my first song and it went a lot better than I expected. Just one more to teach on Friday - hopefully it turns out ok.

2. Hadley has decided that she would like to shower every morning. Fine by me. She does it all herself, I just have to get the temperature right. It's fun seeing her growing up and becoming more independent.

3. Sam turned 1 yesterday. I will post that sometime soon with an update about him. I'm weaning him and it is going a lot better than I thought. Yeah!

4. It is Brian and Elijah's birthday on Saturday. Luckily there is a show choir break for the football game, so we should be able to squeeze a little party in there somewhere.

5. Last week I got an email about a buy 1 get 2 photobooks free code. So, I decided to finally take advantage of one of these deals. I just did the last year for all the boys, then I'm going to do Hadley's last year with a coupon for Shutterfly from my sister. Thanks Jo! The books came together relatively quickly, and I had to try to curb my perfectionism so I could actually get it done before the code expired, but I think they turned out cute.

6. We finally did family pictures. We hadn't done them for 3 years, so we desperately needed an update. Luckily we made friends with a new family in our ward who has a nice camera and we took each other's pictures. Unfortunately it was a very windy chilly day, so it didn't go as well as hoped. We didn't get individuals of the kids done there because the kids were all crying from coldness, so after a little break at home I snapped a few with our not-as-fancy camera - I just had to bribe the kids with chocolate milk. I knew that if I didn't take the pictures right then when they were all dressed up for it, the picture-less frames on our wall would remain picture-less for who knows how long - and they actually turned out ok.

7. I'm tired.

8. life is crazy.

9. I'm going to go to bed soon

10. just after I watch some "Modern Family" and chillax.......good night!

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