Friday, February 15, 2013

our valentine evolution

I found cute ideas on the internet for Valentines and let the kids pick what they wanted to make. Hadley picked these robots:

Brian picked these airplanes:

And Elijah picked these guitars:

And after hours of cutting, gluing and stapling, I vowed I would never do that again.

I toned it down quite a bit and just found some simple printables that could have a small toy attached.

I picked 3 different ones and the kids chose which ones to use. Easy peasy, right?


Boxed Valentines. John was so proud.


Jodie said...

I started off thinking you made all those valentines this year and I was completely in shock. So glad you chose to use boxed ones this year! Us too :) Sometimes, it's easier and it all ends up in the trash anyways! Happy V day Megs!

Jenny said...

Love it! Sometimes it's nice and refreshing to keeping things low key.

Jennie Holt said...

ha ha love it! we made ours this year and it took forever!!! we are definitely going boxed next year!

Becky said...

Wow. I am totally impressed! I guess I'm super lazy - I resent having to label the store-bought ones we get each year. :D

Ashley said...

I'm super impressed that you even attempted to make valentines like those! They are super cute though!
Boxed really is the way to go. They still are enough work as it is.