Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kids at Play!

Lately I've been in search of places to take the kids where they can run around and get out of the house. I found out about a play area at the Market Mall. They had covered, heated parking too, so we didn't even have to drag our coats around in the mall. We went to a couple stores and then to "Kids at Play". They have a bunch of squishy plastic toys for kids to climb and slide on. It was fun to watch them run around. Hadley had a blast, and I didn't have to watch her too closely because I knew she would be all right. The boys though....I had to watch a little closer. They kept running in the opposite direction. Well, I guess they don't really "run" yet, they just walk as fast as they can. Luckily the area was gated and there was only one exit. It was interesting to see how differently Brian and Elijah play. Elijah was much more interested in the puzzle toys on the walls. Brian kept wanting to climb up everything, but he was a little to small to climb up most things(and they were all slippery), so I would have to lift him up, and then he would slide down and then want to do it again. Elijah liked to climb up things too...but not repeatedly...thank goodness! I think I had the most kids there though. You have to be under 42" to play, so I guess most people don't have 3 kids under that height. There was another mom there with 3 though. She had a 3 yr. old boy, and 15 month old twin girls. Just opposite of us. Weird.

It was a fun day, but Elijah hasn't had a nap, and Brian only slept a bit in the car, so I might be regretting this decision in about an hour...oh well!


Bronwyn said...

wow- sounds like a great place to burn off energy- for all of you!!

Jodie said...

That looks like a fun place! I like the heated parking garage. Can I get one attached to my house?