Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yeah, John Passed the first test!!

So we finally heard back yesterday from the RCMP. John wrote the first test in December and we were anxious to hear back, we were pretty sure he passed, but we wanted to know so that we could start the next step. We really want this to work out, and want to get in as soon as possible!

Well, we got the letter and they referred him to a weblink with all the forms that he has to complete. Holy cow, there is a lot of info that they want! He needs a whole bunch of references, job info, past addresses. Basically a history of everything for the past 10 years. And since we've moved around a tonne, it may take a while to complete, but they set a deadline. It has to be done in 21 days! Yikes! He also has to get ready for the PARE. It's the physical test - it's basically an obstacle course that he has to complete in a certain time. He's doing that on February 26th. Fun, fun.

Anywho. We decided that that was reason enough to not make supper. We got Joey's Only because we had a 2 for 1 coupon. It wasn't as good as it normally is, but it still hit the spot...and no making supper!

Well, I should go feed some kids breakfast.

If you didn't notice, I'm getting a little addicted to this whole blogging thing, so I'll probably be posting more often now. Sorry....just kidding....hopefully it's not too boring!


Jodie said...

Excellent Megs! I always love a good excuse to not make supper and using a're my type of girl!

Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

Coupons are THE BEST. Don't they make you just feel good? Good for John passing his test! That's always a good thing.
P.S. Keep blogging.