Thursday, September 3, 2009

We're Back

Not only am I back to the blogging world, we are back to Lethbridge! We have been since July, but I've been putting off posting because I didn't like my blog layout and wanted to change it before I posted. I finally took time to change it, so I guess I should write something! Hmmm. I guess a lot has happened since I last wrote, but I don't really feel like writing about absolutely everything, so I'll give you the quick story.....

We live in Lethbridge and John has a temporary job and is looking for something more permanent. He will probably be starting work at a bank in October and will be taking one class at the U of L. He is still trying to figure out what career he wants, but has a few ideas, and just needs to do a little more research.

I am still "working"(it doesn't really feel or pay like work...but whatev) with my friend at Cute Like Me. We recently started a giveaway/review blog, and are loving that. I have started a new hobby, but I don't really know what I'm doing. I love the look of painted old furniture, and I am attempting to paint a few different items, namely, a coffee table, bed frame, and 2 dressers. I will post more about those when they are done.

We are loving the house that we're renting and we are getting to know more people in our ward. We are planning on staying here for a while. At least until we have a definite plan of what John wants to do for school/work and such. Probably 2 years or something.

Well, I think that's all....I'll try updating this more regularly now....I don't know how many people actually read this, but whatev. It's still fun.

Here are some pics that are totally unrelated....besides the fact that they are my children....

Hadley modelling her new haircut by John

Brian with his loot from the Stirling parade.

Elijah pointing at something (descriptive, I know) at the Stirling parade

A crazy clown


Becky said...

Horray, I read your blog! I love hearing all the latest Hillyer happenings. Hope you're all doing well, we miss you!

Jodie said...

Sweet new look Megs! I love the pictures of all the kids down the side. Very nice. Thanks for the update! Sounds like life in Lethbridge is treating you well.

Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

Your blog is on my "list", so I definitely read it!
How creepy is that?!
Glad to hear you're back - keep the blogging up!
P.S. I love Hadley's haircut!

Jaron said...

Cute kiddos! I'll bet more people read your blog than you realize (like me!). I too discovered how awesome it is to refinish furniture. I LOVE it! Good side business, too - when we moved to the island we sold all our furniture and I made huge profits on the garage sale finds I had refinished! (I sold a dresser we pulled out of the trash for $40!) Post some pictures of your finished projects! (I'm signed in Jaron's account but this is Becky [Allred] Brunson!)