Friday, May 21, 2010

fun morning

Today was the ultrasound, so John came home about 15 min. before the appointment to go there. Just as we were getting ready to leave, Brian fell off a chair in the kitchen and hit his ear on another chair on the way down. It was bleeding like crazy and John thought it may need stitches. Awesome. John cleaned him up and I put a steri strip on his ear hoping that it would keep the wound together enough to not need stitches. When we got to the radiology clinic, I asked if they had a nurse there who could look at Brian's ear to see if it needed stitches. They said, no, but that the radiologist could look at it and to just ask the ultrasound technician when I went in. I went in for the ultrasound (about ready to pee my pants because of the full bladder), only to discover that I was only 16.5 weeks along. Weird. I guess I missed a period or something, which is not too surprising. So, I'm due Oct. 31 now. It was too early to check everything that he needed to check, so he brought John and the kids in so that they could see the baby and I will need to get another ultrasound on June 11. I asked if the radiologist could look at Brian's ear, so he went to get him. The radiologist said that since we taped it up well enough, we could just clean it up and tape it again and keep the tape on until it falls off.

So, I was kind of bummed that I'm only 16 weeks along, but whatev. It's really only 10 days later than I had thought, but my Dr. had said I was 19 weeks along. Oh well. I'm just glad the baby looks healthy and that Brian didn't need stitches. Crazy morning.


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Reading about your morning stressed me out!!!

Your kids are THE CUTEST Megan! Writing on Stone looks like it was sooo fun!