Thursday, May 20, 2010

writing-on-stone campout

On Friday John called from work and suggested going camping at Writing-on-Stone, so I packed stuff up and we were off about an hour later. We got there around 8pm and I quickly set up the tent while John made a fire (with some super wet wood). The kids loved it. They slept pretty well......John and I-not so much. We were crammed in our 2 man tent. Luckily we brought our memory foam mattress, but I guess I'm a wuss now or something. In the morning we walked around the campsite and snacked on food waiting for Brian to wake up. He slept until 9:30! Weird. The rest of the day we played around on the hoodoos and at the park. On the way out we went to the new visitor centre and looked at indian artifacts and such. Pretty cool!

On the way home, we stopped by the dinosaur in Milk River. The visitor centre was closed, but the dinosaur was enough excitement for us. Brian and Elijah were pretty scared at first, but by the end they were friends with Mr. T. Rex.

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Melanie said...

Your camping trip looks like SO MUCH FUN! The excitement and enjoyment in the kids' faces makes remember how much I loved camping when I was a kid. I also really like John's beard!