Friday, February 4, 2011

a super cute idea!

I spend a lot of my time looking through blogs searching for the next "cute idea" to make my house look nicer. There are lots of women out there who have a crafting blog or home decor blog. They just seem to have it all together. There are tutorials where they say, "oh, I just pulled out some scrapbook paper I had lying around, and this hunk of wood, and then printed out the vinyl and stuck it all together to make THIS!"

Because I don't have a "silhouette", "cricut", saws, or cupboards full of crafting supplies, I would have to run around to several stores looking for items, getting wood cut, and finding the perfect paper to match. Not fun. Especially while lugging 4 kids with me! When I get home, I would realize that this "cute" craft cost me over $50! This is why I was SO happy when I discovered Makia Creations.

They make kits that include everything you need to complete a SUPER cute craft. Genius! They buy everything in bulk, which means big savings for us! The company was founded by Allison and Missy - two ladies who also started "How Does She" (a very popular crafting/mothering/etc blog).

I wanted to order kits right away! Being in Canada there were some issues with shipping (mainly price), so I decided to become a Craft Group Leader to make the kits more available in this area.  I am going to hold a monthly craft night and we will do 1 or 2 craft kits. If you live near me (Raymond,AB), I would love for you to come. If you don't live near me, or you would rather do the craft on your own, you can order kits directly from Makia Creations (make sure to use the code "052Megan" to get a 20% discount), or order through me and pick it up from my house.

Anyway - if you want more info on this and about the craft group, visit my facebook fan page "Makia Creations - Megan Hillyer" (remember to click "like") or blog
Ok, I think that's all.
P.S. This is for anyone in the U.S. or Canada (although I don't think they've set up shipping options to Canada yet - if you live near me you can pick stuff up from me)


Jodie said...

Seriously...this Makia Creations is pretty cool. Maybe someday I'll be able to get something:)

redeck liber said...

I am excited you are doing this. I look forward to it.