Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We love our new (to us) house. The kids are loving the space. And I'm loving that the kids can play downstairs and mostly keep the major messes contained therein. Our house is not big by any means, but it is at least twice as big as the last one we were in.

John had surgery on his shoulder last week. Because both my mom and John's parent's weren't around (too busy taking care of other grandkids), and I didn't feel like getting anyone to babysit kids for us at 5 in the morning, we ALL went up to Calgary for the event. It was actually a very enjoyable day.

We dropped of John then headed to IKEA for their $1 breakfast. Then I attempted to drop of the 3 oldest at Smaland (the play place there), but Brian was 1/2" too short. So dumb. Anyway, after lots of tears, the boys and I shopped/played on furniture while Hadley played at Smaland. We had been there long enough that it was about lunchtime when we were done, so we had their $.50 hot dogs and $1 icecream. Man I love IKEA. I got a lot of "boy, you have your arms full" comments. Gotta love 'em.

After that, we stopped by the Ferrari/Maserati dealership. No, we are not in the market to buy one. I wish. Most of you know of Elijah's obsession with "cool cars". I took them there for him. I am pretty proud of myself. I felt very silly walking in there with 4 kids....but eventually the guy there was nice to us and it turned out ok. I didn't bring my camera...only a phone shot, but I don't have a memory card in my phone, so the picture of the kids by the Ferrari is stuck there.

Next up was Old Navy. I was hoping Sam would stay asleep in his carseat, but he woke up as soon as we got in the store. So I carried him around trying to keep track of 3 other kids who were by this point ready to run around. Soon Sam started crying so I took him out and used the carseat as our shopping bag. I got even more "boy, you have your arms full" comments there......but we survived. I got the call when I was checking out that John was ready to be picked up. Perfect timing.

We picked up John. He was starving as he wasn't allowed to eat or drink at all before surgery, so we stopped at Arby's. We hit the road right at rush hour, so it took a long time getting out of Calgary.

We got home at about 8:00. A long day, but kind of fun....for me and the kids at least.

Surgery went well. It was pretty routine.He is in a lot of pain, but is doing pretty good. His main complaint is how hard it is to put his socks on, but won't take me up on my offer to help him.

Here are some random pictures that have nothing to do with this post. I need to get pictures off my camera....sometime.

 Sunday dance party...

 Stole this idea from a friend - the kids loved it.

Valentine loot...


brandiioliver said...

Megan you have such a cute family!!!

Becky said...

Oh my goodness, you have the cutest kids! Please leave me a comment on my blog that tells me what is in that bathtub - it looks like fun! :-)