Wednesday, October 5, 2011

zoo day

John had another follow-up appointment in Calgary with his shoulder surgeon. He's back to full-time work and everything looks good. Yeah!

We decided to take advantage of him getting a day off and mileage paid for, so we hit up the zoo. We cashed in some airmiles to get the tickets, so the expedition was almost free.....except for the overpriced food at the zoo.

It was super cold

So we went to the butterfly conservatory and rainforest first

the lens kept fogging up

 The kids were getting tired, so John led them on a dinosaur hunt.

explaining that she was just pretending to get bitten by the dinosaur

luckily we found this cart - we wouldn't have seen everything if we didn't

John enjoyed the cart a little too much maybe - he rode it down a few hills (with 3 kids in there somewhere too)

back to looking at animals...



looking down at gorillas


park pit-stops...

look Mom - no hands! - haha

she's got her hands mean pouch

Sadly, this is the only photo graphical evidence of my existence on this zoo trip......


redeck liber said...

I love the ZOO

Jenny said...

So fun! Going to the zoo in the fall is the best becuase you aren't fighting your way through hoards of people. My favorite picture is of Jon leading the kiddies on the dinosaur hunt. It looks as if he is trying to be stealth-like, as if not to scare away the dinosaurs :)

Jodie said...

You are such a BEAR! That looked like SO much fun. I wish we lived close enough to do stuff like this together.'s great that John's shoulder is repaired. Tell him to take it easy and not do something ridiculous like ride down a hill in a stroller to cause another injury...he he.

Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

Dear Megan:
I Laughed at your picture. Out loud. Really. And John riding the cart - very funny.
Looks like it was a great day!
p.s. I also loved hadley's picture explaining she got bitten - too cute!