Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hadley is 6!

Another birthday post. I need to get these in before Christmas hits!

Hadley turned 6 a couple weeks ago.On he birthday we went shopping with the money from Grandma Freeze and Great-Grandma Ellingson. Hadley had fun picking out clothes and shoes and then we went to the food court to eat. Hadley's choice was Chinese food.

After hearing about a "Hadley" Barbie (that she got for her birthday) and playing on the Barbie website, Hadley decided she wanted to have a Barbie party. Other than the invitation having the Barbie logo on it, the party was not much different than any girl birthday party.

We started off colouring Barbie colouring pages - I think they would have been happy doing this for the whole 2 hours, then we did a little dress-up relay race. Next up was making bracelets with my vast bead collection from the days of "Cute Like Me." While I finished up the bracelets, my Mom helped the girls play a little game with nail polish. Next was cake, then presents, then home time. Fun.

- informed me that she doesn't really like toys, so she just wants clothes for Christmas
- doesn't like Barbies, but does like the ones named Hadley
- likes to be in control and gets upset when things don't go how she wants.
- does not like getting her hair brushed.
- loves to make "crafts" - that she thinks up and makes
- doesn't like to clean up messes from her creations
- loves to colour and paint
- loves to read and does it well.
- loves to sing and perform on stage. She is going to be Gretyl in the upcoming town play of  "The Sound of Music"
- is very cautious - she takes her time learning new things. John talked her into riding a two-wheeler this summer and she can do it, but is scared - especially after taking a nasty fall.
- is very social and loves talking to people
- enjoys being involved and in the center of what's going on.
- gets excited about the simplest things - like learning something new at school and telling me about it.
- is in skating and can now skate on her own and get up on her own.
- is kind and good at solving problems that arise with having siblings.
- loves wearing make-up - but I only let her when she needs it on stage.
- tries to be nice and help others be happy.

Happy Birthday Hadley! I love you!

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Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

You weren't kidding - bam! bam! bam! everyone's had a birthday now!
P.S. It's funny everytime I see my dad on the top right of your blog...