Monday, December 19, 2011

Brian and Elijah are 4!

Wow. I can't believe Brian and Elijah are 4 now. They are so fun and have so much fun playing with each other every day. So much so, that I hardly see them it seems - they just go downstairs and play play play.

They had their birthday just 5 days after Sam. Show Choir choreography was in full swing, and John had to work all day, so we had a little "party" during the High School football game break. We had hot dogs and chips (by request) and I attempted to make them a cake to their specifications. They wanted a white cake with strawberries on it. Luckily they were thrilled with their little party and had a great day. It might have helped that they had Uncle Michael to play with that morning.

- loves Spiderman - he'll dress up as him almost daily.
- still loves Diego
- is super sweet and loves to share.
- loves dark blue and has to use the dark blue ikea plastic dishes if they are clean.
- dresses himself everyday. His favourite outfit is his "motorcycle pants" (dark blue jeans with a motorcycle on the pocket - they have humoungous holes in the knees now but I don't have the heart to chuck them quite yet) and spiderman shirt
- also prefers to wear his cream colored wind-breaker "white jacket". I'll let him if it's not too cold.
- has a favourite pair of shoes too - black pumas that I got from a friend. I guess he's quite particular about his attire!
- loves macaroni and frequently asks for it for breakfast - I make him wait till lunch
- loves hockey and can now skate well enough to hit a puck with his stick.
- loves motorcycles and asked for one for Christmas - "a real one that kids can ride"
- likes coloring and cutting anything with scissors.
- has an infectious laugh and likes to make people laugh
- has a special stuffed cat and blankie

- loves cars - anything to do with cars.  He loves the Cars movies and anything to do with them too.
- loves playing car racing games on the xbox and usually beats me.
- often will let Brian win a race on the xbox without telling him. 
- loves the color yellow and uses the yellow ikea dishes to eat as often as possible.
- learned how to ride a two-wheeler this summer and loves it.
- loves chips and could easily eat a whole bag on his own.
- loves his blankie
- has a loud cry and a tender heart
- loves babies - especially Sam
- loves Ironman and Spiderman - but because Spiderman is more of Brian's domain, Elijah has claimed Ironman as his "thing"
- loves hockey and was excited to skate on his own.
- asked Santa for a yellow Ferrari race car for Christmas
- can recognize most makes of cars - at least most of the "cool" ones.

I love these boys so much and am so happy that I was blessed with twins. Now that they sleep through the night and are potty-trained, I would say twins are easier than a single because they just entertain themselves - there are probably more fights to break up though......

Happy 4th Birthday to you boys!

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