Tuesday, August 14, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. Since our summer has been winding down and family is all gone, I've been trying to get things back in order around here before school starts. I'm trying to become a morning person....it's slow coming.

2. Part of becoming a morning person, is becoming an exercising person. I've started doing crossfit - a very mild dose of it as I am 25 weeks pregnant, - there is even a whole crossfit blog dedicated to pregnant moms like me who want to do crossfit. Cool.

3. I don't like going to the Dr. I've kind of been putting it off this pregnancy. I went once before we went to Disneyland when I was barely pregnant to get a prescription for diclectin, and then had a mini appointment when I took Brian to the doctor a couple months ago. I finally did my bloodwork last week. The plan is to deliver in Lethbridge with a female Dr at Maternity Associates, but I don't really want to have to go to Lethbridge for appointments, so I've been reluctant to make the switch.

4. We are having a girl.

5. John is back to work full-time after breaking his collarbone.

6. I've been looking for some second-hand containers for our coloring supplies for a while, and finally found these at Walmart. Not second-hand. I got them. I love them. I hope my kids don't break them.

7. We've adjusted to having a pet. Our cat, Chase, is still kind of crazy, but he has mellowed since we first got him. I'm beginning to actually like him. I always thought I liked cats, cause we had one growing up that I liked, but I guess I don't like getting woken up by a cat at 4am. Our relationship is improving.

8. I love that I can go on a bike ride with the kids now. Sam goes in the bike seat, and the other 3 can all ride two-wheelers now. It's fun, but my pregnant body doesn't enjoy it.

9. I'm trying to talk myself into cleaning the house.....

10. My new favorite show is Psych - hilarious and clean - it's on US netflix, which we have. Awesome.


Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

loved the update Megan.
Crossfit? I'm impressed. The only exposure I've seen to it is that it's INSANELY hard!!
So happy you guys are having a girl. Hadley must be over the moon!

Ashley said...

I'm so excited that you are having a girl! Congrats!
It was nice to have an update from you guys. We miss you like crazy! Jensen was asking me if I remembered Brian and Elijah the other day. Ha. See you in a few weeks!