Friday, August 3, 2012

crazy July

July was filled with family visiting. John's family was here for the first week or so, and then my family was here for the last 2 weeks, with some staying more/less. There was not a single day that we spent at home all day. It was loads of fun, but it is nice to get back to a bit of "normal".

We  thought we'd start the summer off with a new addition to the family. I'm still not sure how I feel about this little character. He's a little crazy, but the kids sure love him.

We celebrated July 1st in true Raymond style, attending the road race (to watch Grampa finish), pancake breakfast, parade, and main street carnival. The kids loved dancing.

The next week John's family was all here for his Mom's 60th birthday. Elijah followed his cousin Josh around the whole week. I was very impressed with how Josh didn't mind and let Elijah tag along with him without complaining or trying to get away. Nice kid.

The next week we hung out with my sister Jodie (who was here for the whole month of July) and the kids started swimming lessons.

That week we also went to the zoo - did you know you can get passes with airmiles? Totally awesome.

The next week we prepared for the upcoming Freeze reunion (just my parents and kids and their kids). I took over the food department and planned out the food for the whole week. In the past people were having to go shopping every other day, so I organized it all so that we could shop in one massive shopping trip. It was kind of crazy. We ended up with 3 flatbed carts at Costco FULL of food. We were quite the sight.

Melanie unloading one of the carts....

That weekend was the Ellingson reunion (my Grandma's descendants) in Waterton. The turnout was great and we were able to have it at the Kate Parry Lodge at Crandell Campground. Kate Parry is my Grandma's mom and was the cook at the Lodge for 20 years. It is used as a summer camp for churches (I think), and they don't rent it out to families, but they made an exception for us. We started off the reunion at Red Rock Canyon. The kids loved it, and luckily John was willing to trek the whole way with them.

The next week was our Freeze Family reunion at my parent's house. With all of us list-making-organizing ladies in the family, things were planned almost to the minute. It worked out well and included lots of fun activities.

Elijah got 2nd place in the boat race which was part of our family Olympics. We had one event each morning.

Our original plan for a service project didn't work out, so we all weeded our neglected garden instead. It was amazing.

and then they felt like working more, so they edged our sidewalks. It looks great.

Everyone got ready to go to the pool, but then it started thundering, so we had a water fight instead. It looks like Sam was set on swimming though.

Dance party

After everyone left, the kids decided that they needed to have their own parade. They decorated their bikes and we had a quick parade at the Elementary School. Apparently doing it on our own street would be "too embarrassing".

I'm looking forward to a relaxed August.

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Ashley said...

We miss you guys! It looks like you are having a fun summer so far! I hope you have a wonderful August too. See you in September!