Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I'm hanging out with Nellie right now, waiting until she's asleep enough to go to bed. She's cute.

I've been reflecting a bit on how I have parented in the past. I think about how Hadley was 2 when the twins were born - the same as Sam is now with Nellie. I treated Hadley much differently than I do Sam. I hope I didn't mess her up too much. I am embarrassed by how I would put her in time-out when she threw a little tantrum. So dumb. I can't believe I actually ever thought that that was a good idea. How grateful I am that I have matured or something. I guess with your first kid, you feel like you have to do things like everyone says to, and time-outs seemed to be the go to for disciplinary action.

I'm glad that my parenting has evolved over the years, cause parenting a 2 year-old is much more enjoyable when you realize that their defiance comes from their natural desire for independence and autonomy. They are becoming their own little people and want to be in control!

So, when Sam throws a fit when I pour the cereal in the bowl the "wrong" way (not that he even knows what the "right" way is), I can be patient and help him figure it out.....and try not to get frustrated....and certainly not put him in time-out! Ha!

Who could get mad at this kid anyway?

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