Monday, November 3, 2014


Halloween was fun, but I was sure worn out by the end of the day! I had put off getting the kids costumes ready, so the morning was spent making their costumes, them doing their own facepaint, and making doughnuts for our homeschool group party. Hadley decided she was going to be a zombie cheerleader about a month ago and Brian decided to be a zombie too. Elijah wanted to be a mummy. Sam had lots of ideas of what he wanted to be, but in the end he chose to be a zombie. Nellie was a dragon....cause it was easy.

Brian and Hadley played their part well.....

After the party, John made some rootbeer with dry ice and we had supper and got ready for trick-or-treating.

It was a beautiful night. Warm, no wind, gorgeous! I took Sam and Nellie around the neighbourhood and the older kids went on their own.

A great Halloween - too bad the nice weather didn't stay.

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