Friday, November 21, 2014

Sam's Dinosaur Birthday Party

Sam turned 4 a couple weeks ago and wanted to have a dinosaur birthday party. Luckily pinterest has loads of ideas, so we found lots of fun and simple things to make his birthday special.

I found these cute invitations and pretty much copied them. I guess I didn't take a picture of them though. Sam loved them. We put angry eyebrows on ours though, cause "dinosaurs are mean."

 He invited 4 little boys, and they were sure easy to entertain. We started off with these dino colouring pages while we waited for everyone to arrive and then played a dinosaur matching game (Sam's only request for party games). I found this one from Itsy Bitsy Fun and printed off a set for each of the kids to take home.

Next we made dinosaurs with foam shapes - also a pinterest find from Little Family Fun. The kids loved this and I sent a set home with each of the kids in their goody bags.

I made these bath bomb dino eggs the night before. They were really hard for me to get to stick together, but they worked out in the end. The kids were mesmerized with them.

Sam wanted to have a pinata. I was not excited about making a dino shaped pinata after remembering Hadley's lovely pony pinata, but luckily I have a smart husband who gave me the brilliant idea of just making a dino egg. Duh. Hadley painted it and I think it turned out pretty cute.

 I am not much of a baker, but managed to pull off this cute dino cake for Sam. Thank goodness for pinterest!

It was a great low-key birthday party. Sam was happy with it and that's really all that matters!

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