Tuesday, August 11, 2015

10 on Tuesday...yes it is still Tuesday

1. Last night was super crappy. Pun intended. 5 kids sick, taking shifts waking up to puke, etc. It sure made for a long night and the boys missed the second day of their hockey camp. Sad.

2. Summer is coming to a close, and we are prepping for another year of homeschooling! I am excited about trying some new things, but keep reminding myself that plans need to be very flexible. Sometimes I can get a little too focused on going with the predetermined list of events instead of focusing on the important part of letting our children learn and discover from their own ambitions, which often happens outside of lists and schedules.

3. Johnny is growing up quickly. He's started scooching around and is so close to crawling. And, he loves food!

4. I've started reading this book after seeing a couple people recommend it and finding it on my mother-in-law's book shelf, and I am so anxious to find out what happens.

 5. The boys are in a hockey camp this week that has a few NHL players as coaches and my cousins wife teaches the power skating. They have been so excited for this since we signed them up in April. I hope they feel good enough in the morning to go!

6. John and I decided to finally use some gift cards that he had won to go out to eat. John's brother and girlfriend babysat all 6 kids for us! It was awesome. I ordered a duck club sandwich with BBQ duck, chicken, prosciutto, lettuce, tomato, brie cheese, black current aioli, on grilled cinnamon raisin bread ( I just stole the description from the online menu). It was delicious. I like to order things that I know I would never take the time to make. I was almost too chicken to order it, but after asking the waitress about it, John talked me into it. John got the prime rib.

7. The kids have been in swim club this summer. Hadley and Brian love it, but Elijah has only been going because I said he would get a reward for going.....haven't decided what that reward is.

8. Our cat is about to have kittens....again. We really were intending on being responsible pet owners, but apparently we waited too long.

9. This summer we implemented more daily chores for the kids. I love it and hopefully there will come a day when I don't have to remind them to do it...haha.

10. Have you ever heard of "Dressing Your Truth?" I've read some of the book and watched the videos they send you to try to talk you into buying the course. I'm most definitely a dominant type 2 with secondary type 4. It was validating and actually a little humorous reading how spot on some of it was. It's a fun theory, but I'm not totally convinced.....there's some of my type 4 coming through.

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