Sunday, August 23, 2015

15 on the 15th: August

I've been taking pictures on the 15th of each month, but I'm not very good at doing this part: blogging. Here is this month's.

Brian and Elijah were in a hockey camp all week and had a scrimmage game that morning (at 8am!) We had an early morning.



 After the game the boys got autographs from Kris Versteeg, Devin Setoguchi, and Brandon Davidson (all NHL hockey players who coached at the hockey camp).

 Hadley has been really into drawing lately, and was helping Elijah draw with an angry bird book they got at the library.

I went outside to take pictures of the kids and discovered they had brought a whole bunch of toys into the play house and Hadley and Brian were playing Battleship. 

They vowed they would clean it all up when they were done.....apparently they weren't done for a week when I discovered the mess was still there.

 Sam had to show me his climbing skills

 I feel silly using the self-timer, but I also would like me to actually exist in our "day in the life" here I am, finally organizing the junk drawer that was getting hard to close.


 I am surprised at what this girl is capable of on the ipad (or "showpad" as she calls it)


 The kids were SO excited we were having crepes for supper. Not the most nutritious thing, but we love them with whipped cream and berries. Elijah asks for them almost every day.


 This is not the best picture, but I just wanted to capture what family prayer and scriptures often looks like. Only half the kids were crying.

 At least it didn't stop Elijah from reading.

So, that was our day about a week ago.

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Jaron said...

Megan, you are such a beautiful momma! I can't believe all that you do. Thanks for letting me "peek" into your home life. :) (And these posts are Becky, not Jaron...I never sign him out! Haha!)