Sunday, March 27, 2011

realistic cleaning

I finally came to a realization today.

I am a list-maker (no, that's not the realization I made...). I make lists all the time. They help me organize my scattered brain, and help me feel like some sort of progress is being made. They keep me sane.

A clean and organized house keeps me sane too. Unfortunately, as hard as I try (ok, maybe I don't try THAT hard), and as many lists as I make, this house just does not stay clean. I'm starting to accept that.

When I was a kid, I remember that our house wasn't always clean. I didn't care. My room was a mess. I would just shove all my clothes and junk in my closet and close the door. I remember doing Saturday chores, and our house was always cleaned up for Sunday, but during the week, we were allowed to make messes. My mom would let us create things, play freely, and even make cookies on our own. My cousin's mom wasn't the same. Her house was very tidy and we were not allowed to open the fridge. I always thought that was weird.

Anyway, I guess after thinking about this recently, I have realized that I need and want to be more like my mom was. I want our kids to feel like they can make messes without me getting mad. I want them to create and learn and have fun in our home. Messes can always be cleaned up.

A few weeks ago, my mom showed me a little cleaning schedule that my Grandma made and used. I tried to implement it. It didn't work. I guess with 4 little kids, there is little extra time in the day for "cleaning".

This is where my realization came in. Instead of making unobtainable lists and charts of how to keep our house clean and organized, maybe I should make a REALISTIC one that I might actually be successful at. Or I could just scrap the whole idea of making a cleaning list and just clean something when it needs it. Ha. No. That makes me antsy just thinking about it.

So, here is my "realistic cleaning" list (don't judge):

Daily: * kitchen & livingroom tidy at end of day
           * 10 min. tidy with the kids before bed
           * 1 load of laundry

Monday: * tidy office
                * sweep kitchen

Tuesday: * main bathroom sink & toilet
                * 1st & 3rd week clean all bathrooms thoroughly

Wednesday: * tidy craft room
                     * sweep kitchen
                     * 2nd & 4th week mop kitchen

Thursday: * tidy exercise room

Friday: * tidy laundry room
             * all laundry put away
             * sweep kitchen

Saturday: * tidy bedrooms
                 * vacuum living room and hall
                 * vacuum tv room and down hall
                 * 1st & 3rd week vacuum all rooms

So, that's that. I'm hoping that this will ease a lot of stress off of me. I won't be feeling like I should be doing something else all the time.

Do you have a cleaning routine? I'm curious how others do it.....


Becky said...

Ugh, reading this made me tired! :-)

We just had a family home evening on family work and how it needs to be shared and we started a chore chart. I tried to put things on it that the kids could do by themselves (even if it doesn't actually get something cleaned!) like "pick up all the trains" "tidy the books" "clean the bathroom sink (with a diaper wipe)", etc.

It seems like my kids don't want to do it until they get started, then they want more and more "chores!" It's nice because it keeps them busy for a few minutes so I can get the "real" cleaning done. :-)

Good luck with your new routine! Can't wait to come see you guys!!

Jodie said...

Holy crap. That is your realistic list???? That would be my super unrealistic list. However, in an effort to be a 1/10th as amazing as my little sis, I'm going to print out your list and use least see how I can do with it. Thanks Megs!

Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

I'm actually really impressed that you wanted to do MORE cleaning than that!
I'd have to downsize my list a bit.
I'm the same though with the daily things - I like my kitchen clean/living room clean at the end of the day. 10 min tidy with the kids never hurt anybody either.
Good for you for making it a priority. It is important.

Jenny said...

Nice work Megan! I only have ONE munchin and I'm finding it hard to keep up. Doing a load of laundry per day is a great idea to help me get my own mountains of dirty laundry down to humble heaps. Doable.

lyndsay said...

Sounds Great! Having the living room and kitchen clean before I go to bed makes the next day so much better for me. I read on a blog of course that she cleans an hour a day, but not all at one time. 1/2 hour in the morning 1/2 hour at night. For me that works. Alot more than you think can get done in an hour!! And a load of laundry a day is what I try to do but more often than not I end up waiting and then washing 4 -7 loads on one day to catch up! Sounds like your schedule should work! And on days you don't stick to it who cares, you're doing your best!

Arrington's said...

Look at you all organized and such! I need to make lists. My "mental notes" never seem to get me anywhere:)