Thursday, March 31, 2011

13 on Thursday

1. I'm ready for the play "Annie Get Your Gun" to be done, so that I can have my husband back. It gets pretty boring around here from 8pm to 11pm! On the plus side though, I've been blogging more!

2. The cleaning schedule is going kind of well, but I'm sitting here now staring at a messy livingroom and kitchen that I have no desire to clean, and THAT"S OKAY!! Breaks are good.

3. I had the last Positive Parenting class tonight at the Parent Link Centre. It was good. I have always hated "time-outs", until this class. I still only use them if someone hits though. I guess I'm still not completely sold on the idea.

4. Sam is least I think he is. He's had a slight fever and is a little more fussy.

5. I've been shedding like crazy! Every time I shower, I swear I lose 5000 hairs. So gross.

6. I need a haircut. I'm thinking of something like this, but I would need to learn how to do my hair like that first. Hmmm.

or maybe this one that my sister might do too

7. I had a conference call with Makia Creations. I'm a craft group leader - I've only had one craft night though, and it was with my 3 SILs. They are changing things up a bit, so I need to reconfigure things.....not that things were very configured yet.....Anyway, if you want to join my craft group or want to start your own in your home let me know! I can hook you up.

8. I am loving the warmth. Sure it's still only about 8-10 C, but the kids can play outside! They ride their bikes up and down our street as much as possible. I only caught them throwing rocks at a trailer parked on the street once.....yikes.

9. I am loving pinterest. You can see my board here. It's kind of fun to find other people and see what their favorite things on the web are. It's a great time-waster. Right up there with stumbleupon.

10. I'm finally getting the basement somewhat organized. Only one room left to go through.....kind of. I just keep moving messes from one room to the least the craft room is pretty much done! Yes, I have a craft room!!......maybe I'll do some crafts one day. I think Hadley is more excited about it than me. She asks to do a craft daily....or maybe hourly. Here's one that she got the idea from an episode of "Cake" that's on Netflix.

11. Hadley is singing in the Festival next week. I am excited for her. She loves performing.....definitely didn't get that from me!

12. I started wearing earrings again about a week ago, but after a couple days I remembered why I stopped. My ears are super sensitive and like to gunkify (get crusty and pussy). Pretty gross. Hopefully it's just because the earrings I had weren't sterling silver....I thought they were though, so we'll see. I ordered some cute ones here, hopefully my ears like them.

13. Sam does this a lot. He plays with his hair with one hand and sucks on the other. And he's got a LOT of hair to play with. Is it bad to give a 5 month old a haircut??



kyleandtaryn said...

I'm the worst at commenting. And blogging really. But I do read your blog. I am thinking of starting a craft night once a month up here in Okotoks. If I have interest from any of the ladies around here I'll let you know and place an order. I saw Hadley's flip flops at stay and play,CUTE idea! Hannah is madly jealous of Sam's hair. She's almost one and has about 1/4 of what he has. He's so cute! They all are. I hope the time flies by for you until John is done his play! Good luck!

Arrington's said...

Ok so you have me addicted to pinterest!!!! I tried to get a board and they said I was on a waiting list is there a trick?
P.S Love the hair:)