Monday, April 11, 2011

Hadley sings

Hadley was in the Kiwanis Festival this year. She's been taking musical theatre with Tekarra Roach and loves it. Tekarra suggested that Hadley should sing in the festival, so she picked a couple songs and away we went. Hadley loves to perform for people. Here are the videos of her performances:

First, she sang "Bluddle-um-dum" from Snow White, for the musical theatre category. She tied for 2nd.

A few days later she sang "The Teddy Bear Picnic", for the girls under 6 solo category. She got first. with a mark of 86. All the other girls did so great, I was actually surprised that Hadley was picked for 1st. I think the adjudicator just had a hard time choosing one. Everyone else tied for 2nd and got a mark of 85. Pretty fun.:

Then she got asked to sing "Bluddle-um-dum" for the Musical Theatre Showcase on Saturday night. She had a mike so you can hear her better, but she skipped the first verse. I don't think she noticed, so we didn't tell her. She had so much fun performing. I was super nervous for this one because it was a big audience, but she did great. I was worried it would be too stressful for her too, but she seemed happy and fine with it all. Must not have gotten my performing genes!


Kim said...

What a brave girl!! She looks so little on that big stage! I would love to hang out with you at the ice arena tomorrow. Your mom called as I was typing this, though, so I'm going to phone you!

Kim said...

Um, that was Becky by the way. :-)

kyleandtaryn said...

She is adorable! And she did SUCH a great job! Loved it.