Wednesday, April 13, 2011

crafting blah blah blah

I really don't like sounding like a salesperson. So I'm not going to.

I used to be a Craft Group Leader for Makia Creations. Craft Group Leaders got 20% off and then made a 20% commission. I thought it would be a fun way to make a little extra money. The only problem is that it costs a TON to ship to Canada, but since they had free shipping, I figured I could ship to Sweetgrass and pick it up and still make some money.

A couple weeks ago they changed everything. They no longer have craft group leaders, they just allow people to buy kits at wholesale and then resell them. Since I signed up with them before the change, I don't have to order the minimum of $50 to get the wholesale rate. They also lowered there prices and got rid of free shipping. So, I was a little let down and thought I might just quit it altogether. But I actually like doing crafts (at least I think I do....I haven't done much of anything), so I decided I'd just keep doing my own craft group and not try to make money at it. The price of the kits will cover my time and gas and duty and gst and shipping. It's just for fun now! I'm actually glad about that because I hate feeling like I'm annoying people, and I felt annoying with all my updates and stuff about buying craft kits from me. Anyway, I will still update about stuff on facebook, but I won't feel annoying, because I don't have some alterior motive.....makes sense to me at least.

SO, if you'd like to join my craft group, or just order stuff from Makia, let me know! If more people are interested than can fit in my house, then other people could start their own groups or just do the kits on their own. I will be picking up kits for my group anyway, so I don't have a problem picking up more for others.

This month, we will be doing it on Thursday the 28th at 8:30pm. Then, my kids will be in bed (hopefully), and we can have a fun time chatting and crafting. I realize that is Easter holidays, but I just don't want to put it off any longer. We will be doing the "few of my favorite things" sign, but you can order and do whatever you want. Or just bring your own craft or project you are working in and come socialize.....or just come socialize. Orders need to be paid for by the 18th by paypal, cash or cheque.

Just comment here if you want more info, or check out my facebook event that I made for it today.

That is all.

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Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

So, I loved that "missing sock" one for the laundry room.
I'll talk to you about it tomorrow though!
I'm looking forward to seeing you!
(P.S. If I forget to ask you about it, PLEASE remind me. I've lost my marbles lately.)