Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter happenings

 1. Town Easter Egg hunt

 John showing Hadley wear the prize-winning plastic eggs were and telling her to run and get one first

 she got distracted by the millions of chocolate eggs in the grass

2. Dyeing eggs

3. Easter morning - the Easter bunny hid everyone's "baskets" and the eggs

 Hadley was very excited for her "cowgirl" magazine - she has decided that she is going to be a cowgirl.

4. Easter egg hunt after church.

 yes that is a weight bench......it's gone now.....it was our landlord's

5. Egg wars - this is the first year we've done this. We always did this when I was a kid and I finally made it happen with our family. The kids were a little unsure about it...

 The results - Brian's "Sally" egg won!

 Brian with "Sally"

 Elijah with "Lightening"

 Hadley with "The Smashesest Egg", and "The Green Egg"

Happy Easter!

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