Friday, April 29, 2011


Sam is almost 6 months old. Crazy! Here's an update about Mr. Sammer-pants:

I've been way more patient and relaxed about Sam's sleeping/eating schedules. With Hadley I tried to do the whole "Baby Whisperer" routine, with Brian and Elijah.......I just tried to survive - but did try the "Baby Whisperer" stuff to get Brian to go to sleep on his own.....didn't work out very well until they were about 14 months old though. So with Sam, I kind of just go with the flow. It much less stressful for me. He eats when I think he's hungry, and sleeps when I think he's tired. His sleep is somewhat structured at least. He usually has 2 "bigger" naps - which range from 1-2hours each, and then has a little nap around 5pm for about 30min - 1 hour. He goes to sleep for the night anywhere from 7-8:30, depending on when he is tired, or when I can put him to sleep. I nurse him to sleep, or I nurse him, then put him in the bouncy chair and bounce him to sleep. I still swaddle him, cause I think he sleeps better that way - although I haven't done any experiments with it really. I usually leave one arm out of the swaddle so that he doesn't fight it as much. I don't keep track of his night wakings really. Sometimes he only wakes up once around 4, but usually he wakes up multiple times. When I'm really tired, I nurse him in bed, but after about an hour he wakes up - not because he's hungry, but because he just doesn't like sleeping next to me I guess, so I actually get more sleep if I nurse him in his room in the rocking chair - but that bed is just so tempting at 3am!

Sam has been rolling over for about a month and now rolls all over. He doesn't go forwards at all, but sometimes scoots backwards somehow. Here he is rolling over from tummy to back to tummy. Time to start baby-proofing!

Sam is a pretty happy baby. He's only sad when he's hungry, tired, or poopy - or if he has an ear infection.....or 2.....He doesn't like to sleep anywhere that is exciting - which is basically anywhere but home, so that makes trips to the Parent Link Centre, or shopping a little more crazy - but he's pretty easily distracted by the excitement. He reminds me a lot of Hadley when she was a baby. He is very smiley and loves looking at John. If John is in the same room, Sam is usually staring at him waiting for John to look back - and once contact is made, Sam gives a big smile.

We sure love our Sammers!

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Melanie said...

I can't believe he is six months already. Time files. Way to go on the rolling, Sam!