Friday, October 24, 2014

my favourite authors

So I'm doing a little friendly post today to share with you some of my favourite authors. They are my favourite because they are family! That makes them pretty cool, I think.

1. First up is my oldest brother, Eric Freeze.

You can check out his website and read all about him and his books here. He is currently living in Nice, France (yup he's cool), and is a professor at Wabash College in Indiana. He has his PhD in Creative Writing and just had his second book published by University of Nebraska Press. Both books that he has published are collections of short stories. His most recent book is called "Hemingway on a Bike" and can be purchase here.

2. Second, is my sister-in-law, Nicole Hillyer. 

She decided to write a children's book and had my other sister-in-law, Heidi Carter illustrate it for her.

 The book is called "What Happens in the Barn", and is a fun little story about a cat's perception of what all the animals do in the barn. Heidi did an AMAZING job with the illustrations. You can buy their book on Amazon here

What a talented family I have!

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