Wednesday, October 22, 2014

upstairs bathroom reno

When we bought our house, there was only one bathroom. The bedrooms are all upstairs and there was no bathroom, just one on the main floor. We knew this was going to be a problem, but luckily there was a random room upstairs (directly above the main floor bathroom), that was probably intentionally there to become a bathroom, but for some reason the previous owners never put it in.

This is the one reno that we hired out because it involved plumbing and lots of fixing old plumbing, and John was gone to school for 3 months and we needed to get it done. John's cousin and uncle did a great job and we are so happy with the results.

This is the best "before" shot that I could find. They had started framing the wall and put the tub in and the plumbing. Before that it was just an empty room which had a weird alcove in the wall that we just covered up.

They put in the wall, tub, shower, tile, and moved the vanity and mirror from the main floor to this bathroom. I put in the flooring (go me!) and painted it the same colour as our main bathroom.

I also got a vinyl window covering to put on the window (since it is right in the shower...)

The mirror barely fit with the sloped ceiling. I got the tile on clearance at Rona for about a dollar each. I love it.

We still need to put in a toilet paper roll holder and towel bar, but we love having a bathroom upstairs! It is kind of a necessity with 5 small children.....and 1 pregnant woman.

And just cause I love a good before/after pic

 If only it always stayed that clean....


Just Rhonda said...

It looks awesome Meg!!!

lauralquinton said...

It's gorgeous! I love the color. And although we only have 3 kids we too have one bathroom and it's getting to be more and more of a headache the older they get. nothing like a 6am fight over the shower

Traci Lee said...

It looks fantastic!! Nice work on the floors, I need to learn some of your great handy-woman skills :)