Monday, September 12, 2011

grade one

Hadley started grade one last week. Weird. I'm still debating on whether I like her to have a lunch or not. Lunch break is only a half hour so she's only home for about 15 min. Since we live so close to the school, I think I will have her come home at least until it gets too cold for her to walk. I sure miss that girl during the day!

Brian and Elijah have been playing really well and differently together, and it's been fun to watch though.

She was ready for me to leave, but I had to snap one picture of her in her desk

Hadley loves her teacher and is reading up a storm. It's so fun to listen to her read and get excited about it. Her last take home reading phrase was "No Lad. No Jill. Is Lad here? No. Is Jill here? No."
She kept cracking up while reading it because of the question intonation she would do. After reading it the required 10 times, she was practically peeing herself laughing. It may have been getting late......

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Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

I was just thinking about you yesterday going "How is Megan doing with a child at school FULL TIME?" This Kindergarten thing is not my favorite. I may need therapy for Grade one.
Good that you live so close to the school - that definitely helps with the lunch thing. Are you doing parent preschool?