Wednesday, September 28, 2011


1. Our car is dead. Pretty awesome. John called halfway to work and the car was burning white smoke again (it happened yesterday too...probably should have driven the van). Anyway, he's pretty sure that best case scenario, it would cost $1000 to fix, which is about as much as the car is we're in the market for a new (to us) car. Awesome. Luckily he has a nice boss who picked him up and let him drive his work van home until we figure out the car scenario.

2. We went to Hadley's school for the Terry Fox run. It was kind of crazy, and in hindsight, I should have just watched them run, instead of actually taking part whilst pushing Sam in a crappy stroller and flip-flops. I walked most of the way, and jogged a little with Hadley and Brian here and there. Elijah took off at the beginning, and luckily some friends of ours stopped him at the school to wait for me.

3. Brian found a small skateboard at the thrift store yesterday, so he and Elijah have been having fun going on it down our driveway.

oreo face

5. Hadley told me what books she wants from the book order at school. ha.

6. I taught Hadley piano. Too bad I can't get mad at her parents for not getting her to practice.....oi.

7. Finished off the day with bath time.

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Jenny said...

What a day! Loved all the pictures! Sam's face in the tub is SERIOUSLY da best :)