Thursday, September 22, 2011


Here's the picture from the fall fair that I talked about here

I love it. Too bad I didn't roll Hadley's jeans up though....and I had to crop it so that you couldn't see John's shoes. Pretty fun though.


Last year John fried up some zucchini with squash from his Mom's garden for me. It was delicious. I never thought I liked zucchini until I tasted it. So, naturally this has become a favorite thing for us to make with our zucchini from the garden.

This was my lunch yesterday. I would say that it was healthy, but with the amount of oil and margarine I fried it in, I may have to forgo that comment. I guess the healthy vegetable stuff is still there, right?

To make it, just sautee cut up zucchini in oil/margarine/butter on med-high to high heat until it is a little translucent and browned. Add salt and pepper. So yummy.


lauralquinton said...

I like zucchini baked. You saute it for a little bit and then you sprinkle garlic powder and parmesean cheese on them and then broil it. to die for.

Jodie said...

That picture is SO cool! Love it!

Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

amen to Laura's comment. It's SO good. I LOVED the picture of your family. If I'd have known they were doing that, I'd have gone.
I've always wanted an old-fashioned picture of my family. My mom and dad have one of them hanging in the basement that I'd walk by every day of my life and just look at it, wanting to have the same thing. So silly am I.
I'm not pleased we aren't in the same class. This "smile and wave" thing isn't my favorite.