Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Today is feeling like a lazy day. I'm sitting on the couch watching the boys play with cars on the floor. Sam included. He loves cars and even drives them around making a car sound. Pretty cute. He throws a fit when the kids all go downstairs to play and I stop him from going with them. He always wants in on the action.

Hadley was really grumpy this morning. She was so reactive to everything!

I lay out her clothes every night before she goes to bed. Last night I laid them out after she was asleep and she didn't want to wear what I picked. NOT GOOD! Oh man. She was not happy, and wanted me to pick out new clothes RIGHT NOW! Not happening......but after a discussion about how she needs to talk to me nicely....blah blah, I helped her decide on what to wear.

Last night we ate supper at a friends house.....which resulted in a late bedtime......which resulted in the fun morning I can't really blame Hadley much.


Does anyone need a website made for them? My husband's friend (whose house we went to last night) designs websites and is looking for more business. He also is doing a workshop where he will guide you in building your own, and it's only $199 - a very good deal (coming from someone who paid a lady way too much money to make a simple website and then ditch us and ended up having to finish it on my own) - anyway, if you are interested, let me know and I'll hook you up!


I've been listening to show choir music nonstop. I'm turning into my mother. I remember my mom would never listen to the radio, always show choir music. I understand why now! I've got to get those creative juices flowing. This idea of coming up with choreography is kind of freaking me out.



Happy Wednesday!

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Laura said...

Don't worry about the coreography it is nothing that a little jazzy hands can't help.